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Reversible Dyed Color Super Soft Microfiber Down Alternative Polyester Comforter Quilt Duvet

Price: USD7.95-USD15.95  (depends on size, fabric, filling weight, craft, packing way, exchange rate ...)
Microfiber Fabric: 100% super soft brushed microfiber, two different dyed color combined to make the duvet unique.

Filling Material: 3D down alternative fiber is soft and fluffy,  it's popular for duvets & pillows filling.
Craft:  Diamond or customerized pattern quilting, double linens stitched, corners with tabs
Packing: Vacuum packing, PVC+Nonwoven carrybag with color insert
Usage: Home / Hotel / Hospital


The Reversible Microfiber Duvet is produced using 100 percent brushed microfiber texture and loaded up with 3D down elective fiber, giving excellent delicate quality and warmth. The duvet has a load of 300gsm, making it the ideal load for all year use.

The precious stone example sewing not just adds a hint of class to the duvet, yet additionally guarantees that the filling is equally conveyed all through. The duvet is likewise gotten done with restricting and corners with circles, which considers simple connection to a duvet cover.

The Reversible Microfiber Duvet is accessible in a scope of colored tones to suit any style. The duvet is likewise reversible, with an alternate variety on each side, making it a flexible expansion to any room.

The duvet comes pressed in either a nonwoven + PVC convey sack, a steel wire outline convey pack, or vacuum pressing, contingent upon your inclination. The base request amount for the duvet is 100pcs for white and 500pcs for colored tones, with a lead season of 20-30 days. Tests are accessible inside 1-3 days for clients to evaluate the item's quality and appropriateness.

Product Advantage

  • 100% brushed microfiber fabric that is incredibly soft and comfortable

  • 3D down alternative fiber filling that provides excellent warmth and insulation without adding unnecessary weight or bulk

  • Hypoallergenic filling that is suitable for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin

  • Diamond pattern quilting that ensures even distribution of filling, preventing clumping and maintaining consistent warmth and comfort throughout the night

  • Reversible design available in a range of dyed colors, making it a versatile option for any bedroom decor

  • Easy to care for and maintain, making it a practical and convenient option for homeowners and hospitality businesses alike.


The Reversible Microfiber Duvet is a flexible sheet material choice reasonable for a scope of utilizations. Its lightweight plan and 300gsm weight make it ideal for all year use in both private and business settings.

In private settings, the duvet is ideal for use in rooms, visitor rooms, and country estates. Its reversible plan permits property holders to effortlessly change around their stylistic theme. The duvet is likewise simple to clean and keep up with, settling on it a famous decision for families with youngsters and pets.

In business settings, the Reversible Microfiber Duvet is an extraordinary choice for lodgings, resorts, and other friendliness organizations. Its solid development and simple upkeep go with it an astounding decision for high-traffic conditions. The duvet's reversible plan likewise permits hoteliers to change around their room style effectively and rapidly.


The Reversible Microfiber Duvet is a top notch bedding item with a few key elements that put it aside from different duvets available.

One of its champion elements is its 100 percent brushed microfiber texture. This material is extraordinarily delicate and gives extraordinary solace, making it ideal for a decent night's rest. Also, the texture is strong and simple to really focus on, guaranteeing the duvet keeps up with its quality over the long haul.

Another element that separates the Reversible Microfiber Duvet is its 3D down elective fiber filling. This filling gives amazing warmth and protection while staying lightweight and agreeable. The filling is additionally hypoallergenic, making it reasonable for people with sensitivities or touchy skin


  • Is the filling of the duvet hypoallergenic?

  • Yes, the 3D down alternative fiber filling is hypoallergenic.

  • What is the weight of the duvet?

  • The duvet weighs 300gsm, making it lightweight and suitable for year-round use.

  • How is the duvet constructed?

  • The duvet features a diamond pattern quilting, binding, corners with loops to ensure even distribution of filling and prevent clumping.

  • What is the MOQ for the duvet?

  • The MOQ is 100PCS for white and 500PCS for dyed color.

  • What is the lead time for the duvet?

  • The lead time is 20-30 days.

  • How is the duvet packed?

  • The duvet can be packed in a nonwoven + PVC carry bag, steel wire frame carry bag, or vacuum packing.

  • Can the duvet be used in commercial settings?

  • Yes, the duvet is suitable for use in hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses.


Product Name

Reversible Microfiber Duvet 

HS code



100% brushed microfiber


Dyed color


3D down alternative fiber




Diamond pattern quilting, binding, corners with loops


Nonwoven +PVC carrybag, steel wire frame carrybag, vacuum packing…


100PCS for white, 500PCS for dyed color

Lead Time

20-30 days


1-3 days


























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